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Mold cycle by preservation


Place of Origin

The Netherlands 



Inspiration and composition


Moulds and other fungi are ubiquitous and detectable in nearly all indoor environments. This is what Keijzer realised after several attempts at insulating her bedroom. After discovering a small dot in one of the art pieces hanging on her wall, Keijzer went to inspect the back of the piece and found a completely new piece of art on the other side of the frame. Realising that the isolated environment between the frame and the wall created the perfect conditions for mould to thrive, Keijzer was left in awe. ‘It clearly shows how nature always finds its way’, and in this particular case, ‘science literally found art’. Instead of being annoyed, Keijzer found herself fascinated by the shapes and patterns she saw in the mould and decided to document the subject. Using both Photoshop and Lightroom editing, Keijzer began to explore different ways of looking at the images; playing around with the colour grading, framing, and magnification to expose the

beautiful patterns and textures.  ‘If you stop for a moment and just look at it, you can see so many things’. For Keijzer, these images remind her of the Scottish Highlands, a location she has visited many times and holds a special place in her heart. However, ‘no matter who looks at it, everyone will have their own interpretation and that to me is quite magical’. Keijzer went on to highlight the irony that something so destructive could also be so beautiful, and that while this microscopic fungus destroyed two beloved pieces of art, it by and of itself is art. When asked whether she felt inspired by the GSLS scientists around her, Keijzer aptly replied that she is, but that she is also a very creative person and that you ‘can’t really separate the two. Science isn’t just something that happens in the lab, it happens in your daily life’. It’s accessible to everyone if they ‘just watch and observe’. 


The artist

About Lisa Keijzer

Lisa Keijzer works as Communications Policy Advisor for the Graduate School of Life Sciences (GSLS) at UMC Utrecht. She majored in communication and graphic design, and among her many tasks, oversees student communications including the GSLS Student Instagram account and the Radio Life Sciences podcast. Keijzer comes from a creative entrepreneurial family and has collaborated with family members on several projects such as clothing and wallpaper design. She has always been observant and intrigued by the world around her and being surrounded by scientists and projects like ‘I Art my Science’ has allowed her to take this ability to the next level.  

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