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About I Art My Science

Project where art meets science

I Art my Science is a project which aims to capture the identity of the Graduate School of Life Sciences (GSLS) of Utrecht University and to showcase its diversity through visual art.

Our Story

With its 17 masters' programmes and 15 PhD programmes, the GSLS has over 3,000 members who are involved in research projects within the faculties of Medicine, Veterinary Medicine and Science. Innovation, inclusion, and interdisciplinarity are the core values that drive the school in its mission to build bridges, improve life, and address big issues that are relevant to society as a whole.

Art and science have more in common than you might initially think. Science is not only precise and systematic. Like art, it is also about creativity, courage, and being prepared for the long haul. They rely on asking and examining questions about the world around us from a unique point of view. Insisting and persevering are crucial qualities for the progression of both. We want to use this common ground to build a bridge between art and science in order to look at our research from a fresh perspective. To highlight the diversity in themes, orders of magnitude, and our approaches towards them. Most importantly, we want people from different faculties and disciplines to come together, surprise, and inspire each other. To make you feel appreciated and connected.

"The common foundation of science and art is human creativity, and their goals are all to pursue the universalism of the truth."

Tsung-Dao Lee

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