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Building bridges

Where do you find beauty and symbolism in your science? Where do you draw inspiration and motivation from? Eleven Master’s students, PhDs and postdocs from the Graduate School of Life Sciences (GSLS) of Utrecht University answer these questions from their personal and artistic point of view. With their art, they showcase their research in a surprising new light. They show us how science has more in common with art than one might initially think. Science is not just precise and systematic. Like art, science is also about creativity, courage and being prepared for the long haul. Insistence and perseverance are crucial qualities for the progression of both. They rely on asking and examining questions about the world around us from a unique point of view. The GSLS wants to use this common ground to build a bridge between art and science, to look at our research from a fresh perspective and to highlight diversity in all its forms. 

Violetta - Img0420.jpg
Renee Maas - 2.The_intertwined_heart_RM.png
Bart Lutters - Submission 1.jpeg
Margherita - Puffy adhesion on a forgotten acrylamide gel.JPG
Emma Sudria - Iasrtmyscience.tif
Sophie - Colorized.png
Transcription - Alexander Damkær Hansen.png
Mandija_Stefano- smal.tif
Margherita - Icebergs of acrylamide gel in a broken experiment.jpg
Violetta - Fungal sunset.tif
Violetta - Fungal dawn.tif
Renee Maas - 1.Try-angle_RM.jpg
Martine Huber - 1_top367_MH.jpg
Ninouk Akkerman - In vitro phantasia_NA.tif
Linge Li - How I do my work_new.jpg
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