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For this edition, Mysteries of Science will be discovered via the eyes of the creative artists within our community. Scientists, students, patients, and employees are encouraged to reveal sides of science that are normally hidden to the world. The aim of this exhibition is to offer a capacitating journey into the unknown, where we can explore the wonders of the world through the eyes of the artist. 

What type
of art can I

The sky is the limit! 

At I Art My Science, there are no boundaries or constraints; unleash your imagination and let your artwork unravel the mysteries that captivate our minds and fuel our quest for understanding. 

From the intricate dance of particles to the vast expanse of the cosmos, every brushstroke, every stroke of genius, holds the potential to reveal insights that transcend the boundaries of scientific discourse.

Let your creativity soar and shine a light on the hidden wonders waiting to be discovered. Together, let's unravel the mysteries of science, one masterpiece at a time.

How do I
apply my
art work?

First of all, amazing that you want to share your masterpiece with us! You can apply you artwork via the link below.

you should know:

  • Every edition, we receive a lot of submissions, unfortunately we cannot include all artworks in the exhibition. After the submission deadline, artworks will be reviewed by the team and an art curator to see which artworks will be part of the exhibition. 

  • If you make it through the selection round, we will invite you for an interview. During that interview we will videorecord you and take photographs so we can include you into our online catalogue. 

  • Upcoming year, we will create a coffee table book with all the artworks of the 3 editions. If you make it through the selection round, you also will be added to the coffee table book. 

After your submission

Timeline of response

Submission deadline November 15th, 2024

Answer of acceptance December 22nd, 2024

Interviews January 28th, 2025

Feedback round February 28th, 2025

Opening exhibition April 22nd, 2025

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